Alasdar Browne Leadership Coach

alasdar-browneHis style is highly challenging while remaining respectful. His philosophy is this is the best way to build Trust & help Leaders maximise their Leadership potential and run better businesses. He works with Teams, Groups & Senior Executives. He only works with Clients who commit to a journey of deep personal change as Leaders and who want to build their people to sustain & continuously improve the performance in their Organisations.
His ‘sweet spot’ expertise lies in helping Manufacturing Plant Leadership Teams across the globe engage with an empowerment agenda by collaborating together as a Leadership Team in service to a common purpose. This happens when Leaders commit to increasing their own self-awareness & embracing vulnerability. This requires Leaders to migrate from a “Tell” style of Management to an “Ask” style of Leadership. The approach is enabled by a proven 18 month programme called “The Mindful Leader” which is delivered exclusively by a boutique Team of experts who role model the key principles.

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JJ O'Riordan

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Alasdar Browne

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