Respected researchers will often highlight the fact that we spend approximately 80% to 90% of our time living on autopilot. We think that we’re making conscious and mindful life choices here-and-now but most of the time we’re simply replaying old patterns and making choices today based on experiences that could have happened ten, twenty or even more years ago. To live our most joyful, enriched and fulfilling lives we need to make more conscious and mindful choices. Mindfulness is simply noticing what is really happening in this present moment and to be able to make the best choice consciously here-and-now rather than unconsciously be driven by experiences of the past.

Leaders, parents, teachers and indeed everybody who make more mindful choices in the present moment live more empowered and joyful lives. They will always courageously speak their mind; they will respectfully listen to different viewpoints; they will always respond respectfully and never react defensively and they have the ability to transform conflict situations into opportunities for collaboration. Instead of conflict being negative and destructive, Mindful Leaders and Mindful individuals can use conflict situations to deepen relationships and to build trust.

Over 500 leaders globally have completed our Mindful Leader Program to develop and hone the skill of being in the hear-and-now so that they can make more mindful choices.

“One cannot live a more joyful, inspiring and empowered life without becoming mindful of what needs to change in the here-and-now” – JJ O Riordan, Facilitator of The Mindful Leader Program